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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

:) hey people

its been a long time since my last post ,alot of new update and i kept it to myself lol .theres alot of up and down recently .now im starting off from scratch .in my new place i met variety of friend some of then can be toleratee and some of them they are beyond the limit .so most of u all must know how to choose a suitable friends or else u will be doomed .i met lot of cool people ,they are very kind ,and some of them are truely awesome ,eventhou four month have passed in my new home ,but still that 4 month duration ,i have learned alot from it .now im having my 1 month sem break ,but my post showed that i have only 10 days left before im back to my second home .but still 1 month of holiday im clueless of not knowing what to do .and i miss my old friend badly ,i will set a meet up whenever most of u are free .still i felt fortunate because the place where im studying is located not far from home ,the journey only took one hour plus ,compared to my other friends where they stayed far from university and some of them can reach up to 7 hours ,alhamdulilah ,and thanks to all my new friend who are kind enough to be friend with me .thank you .so whereever u go everything comes in handy when u know how to handle with to situation .insyallah

Sunday, October 24, 2010


is juz an ordinary day like i used to .but i did noticed something part of my life missing and i keep thinking about the past .the memories of the past .yet i did feel abit confuse when thinking about loan .the IF factor keep entering in and out of my mind .what if i wont be able to get loan for my studies .hermm ,this thing really makes me stressed up . Monday i wont be able to enter class ,coz i will be helping my bro for his final year project maybe for 1 or 2 days .and i hope everything will be just fine ,especially for my curriculum aka sport management .

Sunday, June 27, 2010

To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust uncertain things beyond your own control, that can lead you to be shattered in very extreme circumstances for which you were not to blame. That says something very important about the condition of the ethical life: that it is based on a trust in the uncertain and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a plant than like a jewel, something rather fragile, but whose very particular beauty is inseparable from that fragility.

- Martha Nussbaum

Friday, May 28, 2010

memoriez in high school

first day in my form 6 time ,i was damn shy becoz suddenly mix with girls ,because its been 5 years im in high school and i never seen a girl ,wether they exist or not in this school haha ,anyway the first day i entered the class whcih is near the blok kamil but its only 1 floor .so the first thing i do is to find a place to sit ,1 week of orientation whch bored me to death haha .finally i booked my place which is the front line near the entrance .me and my high school mates chop alredi the place also a hig school boy ,mr viroshan to be exact .during that time i have low self esteem ,whereby i do not speak to others ,and mind my own bisness chitchating with viro .theres one day i absent myself and viro have to sit alone and when i came back the other day ,my place have alredi gone whereby some other girl which is ranjethaa and lim koi fit took my place .i was abit sad becoz iwas place at the back the excuse they give ,they want to sit in front becoz they have a eye dysfunction aka short sighted .hermm for me i dont like to argue with them ,juz arghh feel a bit sad becoz i alredi chop the place ok haha ,now theres no more .day by day i start to talk to my classmates and the feeling of being ignored is being reduce everyday .and now i have gain my confident to talk to girls .becoz thoose it was a whole new world for me .and one thing in my class my species which is malay were reduced at the first month of form 6 most of them went to matrix lah ,poli lah and change stream ,maybe they get influenced by LLC ,which the most favorite quotes she say ,is CHANGE UR STREAM haha .then i started to realised her lecture is actually a fact that ,science stream is really hard if without commitment and willingness to know something .during my form 6 time .i dont know how ,but i usually socialize to all the stream ,event arts or physic .some of them were cool and some of them were act cool .for me high this is memory and im history lol .i meet alot of great people there and awesome .i wish i could stay there longger .but its alredi about 7 years i ve been staying there ,and now its time to go .goodbye highschool i will be missing my friends and most of them i will miss them and the school which have been part of my life .